The Age of Rebirth

The Age of Rebirth came with the return of magic to the world and the end to The Age of Demons.

During the Age of Rebirth, the land of Terra began to restore itself to the glory that it found during its ancient past in The Age of Magic. The magical races returned to the world and helped to rebuild society alonside both the humans and the transcians. Many transcians felt that there roll in the world of Terra had ended and that this was the sign for them to leave and return home from their long and destructive campaign, but others, decided to stay and learn the ways of magic from the magical races of Terra, seeing that they still had a responsibility to the people of the planet.

Many of the secrets of human technology were lost forever. With the return of magic to the world and the cooperation once again between humans and the other races, much of the desire to advance technology ceased to be. However, some of the races found the advancements which humans had made to be very interesting, as they watched from afar. The dwarves and the gnomes, races of the earth, saw the advancements which the humans had made in harnessing the elements of fire and water during the Steam Age and had been putting their own magical spin on the technology from their places in exile. Thus, steam power was brought back to the land of Terra. Most of the magical races cared little for the transcians and their technology, but the transcians were eager to share what they knew in exchange for training in the ways of magic; and so, a strange partnership began between the transcians and the magical races.

But, with the rebirth of the good, came the rebirth of the bad. There is no such thing as a perfect harmony. The monstrous races which had been present in ancient times, were reborn through the return of magic to the world. Thus, dragons, beasts, orcs, and goblins returned to Terra, bringing with them the grudges against humans and the other magical racess for eons of nothingness.

Thus, rebirth was slow. With no solution to the siren’s song possible, echoes of the disaster still permeated the world and served as a reminder to the people of the attrocities they commited in the past. Life without sound was not a pleasant life, to be sure, and so a movement began to permeate the world with music. This began The Age of Music.

The Age of Rebirth

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