The Age of Purging

The Age of Purging came after The Age of Demons.

The Age of Purging first began with the return of the transcians to Terra. Recognizing their mistakes, and realizing that they were to blame for the end of human civilization, they quickly embarked to reconcile their mistake.

The transcians, being a highly technologically advanced race that dwelled among the stars, were capable of massive power. They harnessed their technology and were able to avoid the effects of the siren’s song through the same methods that the humans had avoided it and formed a resistance. They began to purge Terra of the demons that roamed free. They ignored the sirens for the most part, as they were just as glad to have the liberating help and seen the error in their ways, deeply regretting the blight they had caused upon the world.

The transcians were successful to some degree in their campaign to rid Terra of the demonic blight, but they didn’t posses the power necessary to fully rid the world of the demons and close the gates which passed into the abyss, thus the purging seemed to be a never ending battle against the forces of evil. The transcians relocated many of the humans and sirens to their battle stations which dwelled in space, just above the face of Terra. But, they wouldn’t abandon the planet to the demons and thus continued the fight, hoping that one day, the demons would simply give up and leave Terra to those it rightfully belonged. However, the demons didn’t think this way, and they continued to pour into the world for centuries, destroying all they could and doing battle with the transcians however they could.

The purging came to a stalemate. Neither side could achieve victory as the technology of the transcians allowed them massive defenses and power while the number of demons was nearly endless. This stalement did not go unnoticed. In a hugely fortuitous chain of events, the races of magic, returned to the world. They had been watching, from their places in exile, the events which had befallen the world. They say this stalemate as a sign, that they only chance for Terra to survive would be to seal off the demonic gates and thus cut off the flow of demons from the abyss into Terra. They returned to the world, and fought alongside the transcians, driving many of the demons back to whence they came and then once again sealed the demonic gates, thus allowing Terra to return to its previous place of order. This begain The Age of Rebirth.

The Age of Purging

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