The Age of Demons

The Age of Demons followed The Age of Ending. During this period, demons and deivils roamed free across Terra destroying all that was in their path. The sirenss used their human slaes as shields in the attack, but the forces of darkness were keen to the ploys of the sirens and ignored the humans as little more than rodents, unworthy of their destructive hand. The sirens were far more fun to destroy, as their believed they were without equal across the face of Terra before the rise of the demon and devil lords.

But, the lords of evil qiuckly grew tired of doing away with the pitiful sirens and turned to infighting. As the gates that had bound the abyss and the 9 hells were opened, forces from each layer found themselves free to move inbetween realms, using Terra as a gateway to wage open war between each other. This brought forth the War of the Dark Gods. During this war, forces from both planes fought each other, as well as fought amongst themselves. Devil lords used Terra as a staging ground to make power moves to destroy the lords of upper levels of the 9 hells and lords of the abyss simply did battle with other lords.

Azmodeus found himself disgusted with the chaos of it all. His preference for orderly evil, outweighed his desire for carnage and destruction. He sought to close the gates and seal Terra off from the 9 hells. He was successful in doing so, thus the devils left the world of Terra to the demons, which loved the mass chaos and carnage. Many devils were extremely dissatisfied with Azmodeus’s decision, but were forced to submit to his almighty power.

The carnage spread by the demons grew and grew. There seemed to be little that could be done to stop their spread of massacre and death.

But, even then, there was still hope for the humans, those of which hadn’t been turned to fight for the sirens. The transcians, which had bestoyed the technology which caused all the mess, returned to the world and began an attempt to restore order and clean things up. This began The Age of Purging.

The Age of Demons

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