siren's song

The Siren’s Song

The siren’s song took place 200 years ago when the sirens awoke from their ancient sleep and departed the ocean singing to the heavens to destroy the world. When the song was first vocalized, the world of On’gaka shook down to the planet core. Then, as people began to hear the song, they began to become infected as though through some sort of disease. Their bodies began to change and they become the deafened. Most of the deafened died on the first day of their creation, but others joined the sirens and became their servants. After the initial blast, the siren’s song began to reverburate, causing varied natural disasters throughout the world: earthquakes, landslides, tidal waves, volcanic eruptions, and even tornados and hurricanes. The world became engrossed in chaos.

Now, the siren’s song has faded into more of a dull hum, it still goes on, but the people have learned to cope with it out of necessity for survival. The persoamps were developed so that the people could block out the effects of the song in order to prevent being changed into one of the deafened.

With a persoamp on, the world is a quiet place. You don’t hear the sound of bird’s singing, and you can’t hear the sounds of water or of anything else. Thus, the muscicians rose to power so that the people would have something to hear, reminding them that life goes on.

siren's song

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