Power Frame

Power Frames are a part of the ancient history of On’gaka. Power Frames can be compared to large suits of armor which entirely contain the wielder and amplify the wielders power. They are large or bigger in size and at first glance would be mistaken as a golem, accept they require a driver, inside to wield.

Power Frames have existed in On’gaka since The Age of Magic. The original Power Frames were designed to take advantage of the wielder’s power source, whether that be natural, divine, martial, psionic, or arcane. Each of the Power Frames was designed specifically to amplify the power granted by each of these power sources.

Now, very few of the original Power Frames exist in the world. They are considered to be a rare and valuable magic item of eons past, however, excavation throughout On’gaka throughout its past, has allowed the technological basis for the Power Frame to be duplicated without a magical or power connection. These knock off Power Frames, which are simply called Frames are powered using technological means, usually by either Steam Power or Electric Power though, Nuclear Power Frames also exist, on a much smaller level and their use is virtually forbidden by On’gakan law.

Rules for Using a Frame

Frames are built to be exceptionally powerful war machines. Their use had been prohibited to the higest class of warriors during The Age of Magic, but during The Age of Man, the technology based Frames which were developed went into use throughout human society as war machines prior to the rise of the sirens. Now, virtually anyone with enough money can get themselves a generic Frame which is powered either by Steam Power on the low cost end, or some type of high tech power source on the slightly higher cost end. An actual authentic Power Frame is a masterpiece of arcane power and thus, is very costly and not available to characters until the paragon tier.

A Power Frame functions as a suit of armor, but with several differences. First, wearing a Frame takes up all slots on the persons body. The wielder of a power frame cannot have on anything else. The type of armor which is worn, ie. light or heavy, is based off the individual frame itself, and therefore some frames cannot be wielded by some classes. Second, Power Frames can be upgraded with various Power Frame Components which function as magic items which can only be utilized while wielding the frame itself. Third, the type of actions which can be used while wielding a power frame are limited, each frame allows for different use of powers, but all of them limit the number of at-will, encounter, daily, and utility powers which can be used while wearing the frame. Fourth, while wearing a power frame (with the exception of generic frames) the wielder is using his own life energy to power the device, thus as the power frame takes damage, so also does the wielder of the frame. Fifth, Power Frames are self-contained machines, inside each one, the wielder is immune to effects that poison the air, or deal damage to an individuals lungs, in addition, most Power Frames can function under water and allow the wielder to breathe normally, though actions still are hindred by bing submerged. Other rule information for each of the various frames can be found under that frame’s entry.

Types of Frames

Specific Legendary Frames

These legendary frames are considered artifacts, they were mighty frames utilized during The Age of Magic and are considered to be extremely powerful, thus they are all only usable during the Epic Tier

Power Frame

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